“Real Bushinengué”: Guianese Maroon Music in Transition

In: Maroon Cosmopolitics
Authors: Kenneth Bilby and Rivke Jaffe

Guianese Maroon musical traditions, among the most African in the Americas, are now part of a rapidly globalizing world. Even as contemporary Maroons carry the traditional musics of their foreparents into the future, they participate increasingly in a wide array of urban and global mass-mediated musical trends. This article discusses several examples of how young Maroon popular musicians continue to balance the old and the new, creating and circulating new musical blends and joining global musical networks while remaining connected to ancestral forms and aesthetics. Even as they reach out to other parts of the African diaspora, they use new forms of music to redefine their social positions in their own countries. So far these young Maroon musicians appear to have had considerable success in using their creative output to resist the homogenizing pressures of globalization.