in Maroon Cosmopolitics
IllustrationsFiguresBigi Gadu Oraclel (H.U.E. Thoden van Velzen, 1962) 63Gaan Tata’s Oracle in Diitabiki (H.U.E. Thoden van Velzen, 2004) 64Dance of the Papagadu mediums. Diitabiki, Tapanahoni (H.U.E. Thoden van Velzen, 1962) 68The village of Bethel on the upper Saramacca River: view from the river (Bettina Migge, 2017) 92Inside the village of Bethel on the upper Saramacca River (Bettina Migge, 2017) 93Sawanie Pinas, painting ‘A pasi fu lobi’ (Jean Moomou, 2005) 126House in an agricultural hamlet, Gaakaba (Diane Vernon, 1979) 154House in the village of Malobi, constructed 1950s (Diane Vernon, n/d) 155Young woman embroidering a pangi, Tabiki 1977 (Diane Vernon, 1977) 157Lavishly decorated pangis (Diane Vernon, 2012) 158Maroon market woman, slm (Diane Vernon, 2013) 162In a Catholic church in La Charbonière (Diane Vernon, 2013) 166Cluster of spontaneous Maroon dwellings in slm (Diane Vernon, 2011) 169Lili’s genealogical tree (Clémence Léobal, 2017) 186The houses of Lili’s family (Clémence Léobal, 2017) 187“Awassa dead-end” in the final housing project (Clémence Léobal, 2017) 195Mungotapu Village group at Poolo Boto in Moengo 2013 (Olívia M. G. Cunha, 2013) 292A Poolo Boto being registered by Cottica Ndyuka’s cameras in Wanhatti (Olívia M. G. Cunha, 2016) 295Ovia Ollo’s boto (Olívia M. G. Cunha, 2013) 297Aluku Maroon women dancing Songe (Kenneth Bilby, 2007) 333Drummer Miefii Moesé (Kenneth Bilby, 1987) 335Local Song, a Ndyuka-Aluku Maroon dance band (Kenneth Bilby, 1987) 339Rastafari youth in front of traditional Aluku Maroon house (Kenneth Bilby, 1985) 341Paul Neman, member of Ndyuka-Aluku Maroon dance band (Kenneth Bilby, 1987) 342CD by Aluku Maroon reggae band Positif Vibration (Kenneth Bilby, 2008) 343Poster advertising Jamaican reggae artist Richie Spice’s 2009 tour (Kenneth Bilby, 2009) 344Calabash bowl carved about 1960 by Anaaweli (Aluku) (Sally Price) 354Table top carved by Marcel (Saamaka) (Sally Price) 356Tourist art that combines painting with bas-relief (Sally Price) 358Cover of Franky Amete, Colorie tes tableaux tembe (Sally Price) 364MapsMaroon territories in Suriname and French Guiana (from A.A. van Stipriaan Luiscius & Th. Polimé (eds.). 2009. Kunst van overleven: Marroncultuur uit Suriname. Amsterdam: kit Publishers, p.7) 3Vieira’s map of Aukan Territory in 1761 (The National Archives (The Hague: V.B.K.L, nr.2131)) 57The three divisions of the Aukan Maroons (1740-1780): Miáfiya, Lukubun and Ndyuka (Clémence Léobal, 2018) 58Forest paths leading from the Suriname, Commewijne (Tempati) rivers and Sara Creek to Mama Ndyuka (Clémence Léobal, 2018)  65The region of the Matawai villages (Kemper, 2018) 91Old and new neighborhoods after removals (Clémence Léobal, 2018) 181Lili’s residential trajectory: a transborder life (Clémence Léobal, 2017) 182The residential trajectory of Franz in Soolan (Clémence Léobal, 2018) 191The residential trajectory of Gisela in Soolan (Clémence Léobal, 2018) 192

Maroon Cosmopolitics

Personhood, Creativity and Incorporation


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