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In: Teaching the Canon in 21st Century Classrooms
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2.1.Reading across texts guided notes30
2.2.Final allegory assignment rubric31
7.1.First approach100
13.1.What counts as empathy?184
13.2.Comparing your home country to Indiana186
14.1.Romeo and Juliet scene rewrite assignment204
15.1.List of sample articles to facilitate text to world connections222
1.1.Contemporary adolescent texts curated for Things Fall Apart8
1.2.Curation assignment description9
1.3.Resources for curation10
1.4.Four elements of curation11
2.1.Dystopian text set23
2.2.Characterization text set24
2.3.Allegory text set29
3.1.Teaching Macbeth through traditional and critical content knowledges41
3.2.Overview of Graham’s lesson46
4.1.Comparisons of migrant experiences across time and texts60
4.2.Topics addressed within testimonios62
6.1.Recommended reading: Young adult literature, rape, and resilience88
7.1.Text-to-software framework, approach #2102
9.1.Tenets of CRT (adapted from Delgado & Stefancic, 2012)125
9.2.CRT in Beloved and The Hate U Give133
11.1.Sample gender and social class representations in unit texts163
14.1.Comparing lines206