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This is the tenth volume in the series, Pauline Studies or PAST. This volume brings the second set of five volumes to a close with an important volume on Paul and Scripture. This is one of the longest of the volumes that has appeared in the PAST series, and it provides a suitable publication of substance and significance to launch the next set of five volumes in the series.

The nine previous volumes in the PAST series are:

The Pauline Canon, ed. Stanley E. Porter (PAST 1; Leiden: Brill, 2004),

Paul and His Opponents, ed. Stanley E. Porter (PAST 2; Leiden: Brill, 2005),

Paul and His Theology, ed. Stanley E. Porter (PAST 3; Leiden: Brill, 2006),

Paul’s World, ed. Stanley E. Porter (PAST 4; Leiden: Brill, 2008),

Paul: Jew, Greek, and Roman, ed. Stanley E. Porter (PAST 5; Leiden: Brill, 2008),

Paul and the Ancient Letter Form, ed. Stanley E. Porter and Sean A. Adams (PAST 6; Leiden: Brill, 2010),

Paul and His Social Relations, ed. Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Land (PAST 7; Leiden: Brill, 2012),

Paul and Pseudepigraphy, ed. Stanley E. Porter and Gregory P. Fewster (PAST 8; Leiden: Brill, 2013), and

Paul and Gnosis, ed. Stanley E. Porter and David I. Yoon (PAST 9; Leiden: Brill, 2016).

As I have stated previously, and is no less true than before, this series continues to grow, and the number of different contributors to these volumes continues to grow as well. I would again like to welcome any previous contributors and invite any new contributors to offer essays to any and all of the next set of five volumes that have now moved into development. They are listed below. I would also like to express my thanks to those who have found these volumes helpful. I thank those who have made use of the first nine volumes (and let me know about it), those who have given such favourable and encouraging reviews to these volumes, and those who are continuing to use these volumes to aid in their own research, writing, and teaching. Like its predecessors, this volume brings together a number of different papers by scholars engaged in discussion of the topic of Paul and his use of Scripture. I was confident when we agreed to conclude this set of volumes with this topic that we would secure a healthy number of significant contributions, and I have not been disappointed. We have received another set of papers that fulfill the expectations of the series and move forward discussion of a perpetually appealing and important topic. We have contributions mostly from senior scholars in this volume, though with some notable exceptions from some excellent junior scholars as well, across a range of topics both general and specific. The Corinthian letters seem to dominate the specific treatments of passages, but there are a number of papers on more general considerations regarding Paul’s use of Scripture as well. The result is a large and rewarding set of papers that promise to stretch our knowledge of Paul and how he used the Jewish Scriptures.

I would like to thank my co-editor for this volume, Christopher D. Land, for his diligent help in editing and bringing this volume to completion. Even though we are running a bit behind with the publication of this series, we are making every effort to continue the momentum that we have gained through what has now become a major series of publications.

The next five volumes currently scheduled to appear, and their (revised and tentative) dates of publication, are as follows:

Volume 11: Pauline Ethics (2020)

Volume 12: Paul, Rhetoric and Language (2021)

Volume 13: Paul and Jesus (2022)

Volume 14: Paul and Politics (2023)

Volume 15: Paul in Canonical Perspective (2024)

As noted before, I would like to invite any scholars interested in making contributions to one or more of these volumes to be in contact with me regarding submission. Contact information is provided below. The pattern we follow is for submission of a proposed chapter by January 15 of the year in which the volume is to appear. The topics of the volumes are being defined and interpreted broadly, so that papers that deal, for example, with clearly related subjects are welcome alongside those that conform more closely to the traditionally conceived subject. I would ask that all submissions be made in conformity with the second edition of the SBL handbook, as closely as possible, to facilitate the review and editing process. Those submissions that deviate significantly will be returned to the authors and not considered until revised.

I once again wish to thank all of the individual authors for their worthy contributions to this tenth volume of essays in the PAST series. I hope that we can continue to welcome submissions from scholars who have contributed to previous volumes while welcoming new contributors as well. There is no pre-decided or prescribed balance of fresh and repeat contributors.

A volume such as this incurs many debts of gratitude and more tangible support. I wish first of all to thank the individual institutions that have supported the work of their scholars so that they can contribute to volumes such as these. I also wish to thank the several people at Brill with whom I have continued to work over the years, including especially Louise Schouten, Laura Morris, and Tessa Schild, who have been a direct help in various ways as this project has continued to develop and looks to the future. I thank them for their patience as well. As mentioned above, I wish to thank Christopher Land for joining me as co-editor for this volume. Finally, I must, willingly but never perfunctorily, thank my wife, Wendy, for her continuing love and support in matters both academic and personal. She has made our life together rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable. I am forever grateful. My desire is for this volume, like the others before it, to make a significant contribution to our understanding of Paul, the apostle.

Stanley E. Porter

McMaster Divinity College, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4K1

Paul and Scripture


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