List of Figures and Tables

In: International Trends in Educational Assessment
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2.1.The idea regarding anchor-test-random-groups design15
2.2.Three curves generated by GITEST, BILOG, and PARSCALE18
2.3.Four curves generated by GITEST and WINSTEPS19
4.1.An example Assessment Timeline (assessment within a course)43
4.2.An example partial Assessment Landscape (assessment across courses at one level of study)43
4.3.An example Assessment Landscape (assessment across courses at two levels of study)44
4.4.An example of an Assessment Map45
4.5.An example of an Assessment Landscape produced within the university’s LMS46
6.1.Student views68
6.2.A sample of log stream data68
6.3.Example of video recording of two students working on the Laughing Clowns Task69
2.1.Item difficulty of MET 1988–199217
2.2.Ability (θ) of MET 1988–199217
6.1.Process comparison71
6.2.CPS process framework78
6.3.Guttman analysis of the scored outcomes81
6.4.Scoring interpretation of the CPS process framework83
7.1.Demographic information on study participants95
7.2.Descriptive statistics for the COA of all teachers (n=33)96
7.3.Descriptive statistics for the COA of teachers with and without an assessment role97
7.4.Themes regarding teacher perceptions of assessment that emerge from the written responses of the participants99