A Note on Transcription, Transliteration, and Bibliography

In: Knowledge and Context in Tibetan Medicine
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For convenience and general legibility, this volume uses a system of phonetic transcription that was developed by David Germano and Nicholas Tournadre, the Tibetan and Himalayan Library’s Simplified Phonetic Transcription of Standard Tibetan.12 The first appearance of a transcribed personal or place name will also include THL Extended Wylie Transliteration in parentheses,13 which is based on the Wylie transliteration system.14 Although it is common practice to capitalize the first letter of Tibetan proper nouns in transliteration, in the present volume transliterated Tibetan is not capitalized in order to avoid redundancy and confusion with diacritic letters, which are usually indicated with capital letters in Tibetan transliteration. Tibetan-language text titles and special terms have also been translated into English whenever possible, followed by transliteration in parentheses after the first use. In a volume such as this one there will inevitably be some terms that resist translation, and these terms have been rendered in phonetic transcription, along with English-language explanations, at the discretion of the authors. This volume also follows the conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style (the “Notes and Bibliography System”), wherein a full bibliographic record is included in a footnote at the site of the first citation, followed by an abbreviated record for each subsequent citation and a full bibliography at the end of each chapter. These conventions were carefully chosen by the editor in order to ensure that both specialists and non-specialists are able to read and understand this volume, while also retaining and concisely conveying all salient information.


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