Notes on Contributors

In: Philosophizing Brecht
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Notes on Contributors

Kevin S. Amidon

Ph.D., is Associate Professor of German Studies at Iowa State University. His publications explore the interdisciplinary spheres of critical theory, race, evolutionary thought, the Frankfurt School, German and American history, gender history and theory, eugenics, opera, and theater.

José María Durán

Ph.D., teaches Cultural Studies at the School of Music Hans Eisler in Berlin. His publications include La crítica de la economía política del arte (2015), Iconoclasia, historia del arte y lucha de clases (2009) and William Morris: trabajo y comunismo (2014).

Felix Fuchs

is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at McGill University. He works on Marxist theory and world literature. His research on literary form focuses on Global Anglophone literature since 1990 with a focus on South Asia.

Philip Glahn

Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Critical Studies and Aesthetics at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. His research and teaching focus on the histories, theories, and practices of art as technology, labor, and activism. His book Bertolt Brecht was published in 2014.

Jim Grilli

holds a B.A. in Fine Arts, from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. He was a 2017 Fellow at The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and had a Community Partnership in the Arts Residency at the Fleisher Art Memorial in 2017.

Wolfgang Fritz Haug

Ph.D., Habil., is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. His many publications include Kritik der Warenästhetik (1971) and Philosophieren mit Brecht und Gramsci (1996). He is Editor-in-Chief of the 15 volume Historisch-kritisches Wörterbuch des Marxismus and a member of the Leibniz Society of Sciences.

Norman Roessler

Ph.D., is Associate Professor at Temple University. He was Editor of the International Brecht Society’s Communications Journal from 2006-2011 and wrote the Introductions for the Penguin Classics Editions of Brecht’s plays (2007).

Jeremy Spencer

Ph.D., is an Associate Lecturer of Fine Art Contextual Studies at Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK. His work has been published nationally and internationally in journals such as Historical Materialism, Artfractures Quarterly, Rebus and the Journal of Visual Art Practice.

Anthony Squiers

Ph.D., Habil., is an Associate Professor of Government at Tarrant County College and Privatdozent für Amerikanistik at the Universität Passau. He is the author of An Introduction to the Social and Political Philosophy of Bertolt Brecht: Revolution and Aesthetics (Brill|Rodopi, 2014).

Peter Zazzali

Ph.D., is a stage director and Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, he has acted and directed in over 150 productions. He is the author of Acting in the Academy: the History of Professional Actor Training in US Higher Education (2016).