Tensions in the Mentor-Mentee Relationship in Teacher Education: An Artistic Inquiry

In: Perspectives on Arts Education Research in Canada, Volume 1


Within teacher education, teacher candidates must complete practica which serve as an opportunity to obtain hands-on experiences teaching in a classroom. The teacher candidate (mentee) is paired with an associate teacher (mentor), and this experience is highly influential in shaping the pedagogy of the teacher candidate. This chapter focuses on the mentor-mentee relationship and discusses the following topics: qualities of an effective mentor and mentee, tensions that may arise, and strategies or training practices that can be implemented to improve the overall practica experience. The methodology includes a synthesis of peer-reviewed articles by employing a qualitative epistemological approach. The author analyzed themes across various academic works to draw conclusions about practica experiences and the effects of each. Within the chapter, poetry (written by both the author and external artists) is interspersed between analytical observations to create an artistic piece that pushes the boundaries of what is considered academic writing.