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2.1.“High as a kite.” Artwork by Andrew Baldwin, reprinted with permission.25
3.1LUG, 2007 (photographer: Jenny Arntzen).39
3.2Remington, 2015 (photographer: Paul Henrik Borup-Jorgensen).42
3.3Remington, 2016 (photographers: Valerie Triggs and Michele Sorenson).44
4.1“The Brooch I” in process, stained glass, 2008.52
4.2“The Brooch II,” paper on glass, 2009.54
4.3“Untitled,” glass mosaic, 2012.57
4.4“Palimpsest,” fused glass, photo-transfer 2010.58
4.5“Ancestry,” fused glass, photo-transfer on wood, 2016.59
4.6“Remembering Secrets,” fused glass, photo-transfer 2016.60
4.7“Pieces of My Sel(f)ves,” stained glass, mixed media 2014.62
4.8“Lines of Force,” clear textured glass, jewels, photo-transfer, 2009.63
6.1Kizuna July 201580
6.2Kizuna July 201581
6.3Kizuna July 201581
7.1Storied worlds.101
7.2Loving perception.102
7.4Girl on swing.104
7.6My story cloth.106
7.7Diya of hope.10
10.1Circle into square.150
10.2Encircled square.151
10.3Media transformation.154
10.4Responding to and impacting on the environment.156