Chapter 1 Another Rousseau. Reinterpreting a Writer through the Implicit and the Unsaid

In: Silence, Implicite et Non-Dit chez Rousseau / Silence, the Implicit and the Unspoken in Rousseau
Author: Michael O’Dea

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The chapter discusses Rousseau’s effective use of silence and implicitness. Where in Rousseau’s work, not as a subject but as a resource, are silence, the unsaid, the implicit? A part of the argument is that Rousseau has, in writing, an excellent command of the resources of rhetoric, including those of all three terms in our title. When, in the Dictionnaire de musique, Rousseau writes, « On sait que le bruit peut produire l’effet du silence, et le silence l’effet du bruit », he gives the measure of a subtle understanding that could be equally pertinent for speech and writing.