In: A Companion to the Hussites
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The editors are grateful to Christopher Bellitto, the Editor-in-Chief for this series, for his unflagging kindness and patience. We thank Martin Pjecha for his work in translating the chapters by Jindřich Marek, Pavlína Cermanová, Dušan Coufal, and Ota Halama, and to Andrew Morris, who translated the chapter by Olivier Marin. Our thanks also go to Patrick Outhwaite, our assistant and indexer, Angela Jianu, for her help in copyediting, Ivo Romein and the production team at Brill, and to the readers whose comments at an earlier stage were remarkably supportive and helpful. The chapters by Pavlína Cermanová and Dušan Coufal, as well as the editorial involvement of Pavel Soukup, were sponsored by the Czech Science Foundation project “Cultural Codes and Their Transformations in the Hussite Period” (P405/12/G148).

Michael Van Dussen

Pavel Soukup

August 2019