Painting the Picture: Habi Arts and Collective Mural Making in the Los Angeles Area

in Filipino American Transnational Activism


Throughout the years, members of Habi Arts, a Filipinx arts collective based in Los Angeles, have created a number of murals. Their creation is unique in that they are often not the product of one artist. As a collective, there are several painters and muralists who participate in a collective mural making process. This chapter examines the collective mural making process of Habi Arts and how this process not only creates art, but as William Roy calls it, does culture. The members of Habi Arts used the collective mural making process to build community and model not only a new way to view and define art, but a collective lifestyle as well. Finally, through an analysis of one of the created murals, this chapter looks at how mural making participants partook in memory making, sharing certain memories with the FIlipinx community in the Philippines and the United States.