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We would first like to thank the Series Editor, David Fasenfest, and Brill for their guidance and support. Of course, this collection would not have been possible without the contributors: Camila Bassi, Brad Benz, A. Peter Castro, Taine Duncan, Sarah Giragosian, Erik Juergensmeyer, Caroline K. Kaltefleiter, Peter N. Kirstein, Emil Marmol, Anthony J. Nocella II, Ben Ristow, JL Schatz, Mark Seis, Jeff Shantz, Kim Socha, and Richard J. White. In addition, we appreciate the feedback from the scholars and practitioners who reviewed this project in its early stages: John C. Alessio, John Baranski, Carolyn Drew, Lauren E. Eastwood, Ruth Kinna, Alisha Page, Hal Pepinsky, Isabella La Rocca, Kim Socha, and Chandra Ward. Finally, we would like to thank our students for shining light into the darkness.

Neoliberalism and Academic Repression

The Fall of Academic Freedom in the Era of Trump