Commentary on Part 1

Messing with Inclusive Education

In: Moving towards Inclusive Education
Authors: Tim Corcoran and Ben Whitburn


This chapter attends to the messy work of conceptualising inclusive education in three main ways: through the lament of ineffective implementation of inclusive policy; rights-based discourse; and through the presence of paradoxes. We consider work from New Zealand ( by Carol Hamilton), Poland ( by Eugeiusz Świtała) and The Netherlands ( by Wiel Veugelers and Yvonne Leeman). Core to our argument is that the theoretical resources used to conceptualise inclusive education frequently set in place parameters that perpetuate segregation. To this end we advance tussling with anomalies – exploring how paradoxes present in the everyday orientate our commitment to relationalities.

Moving towards Inclusive Education

Diverse National Engagements with Paradoxes of Policy and Practice