Out of Synch: Visualizing Migratory Times through Video Art

Art and Visibility in Migratory Culture


This essay explores the ways in which migration, conceived not only as a movement in space but essentially as a movement in time, can contribute to demolish the illusory, monolithic conception of temporality in the Global World. Going beyond the theories of hybridization, which tend to find a sort of agreement between different times (a “third time”), I find synchronization impossible and therefore argue for a model of time that is capable of dealing with conflicts, blind spots and “dyschronies”: a sort of “fourth time,” an antagonistic temporality that shows us that migration is always “out of the clock.” That fourth, conflictive time is enacted and embodied in some recent works of art. Departing from the idea that visual art can make us understand contemporary problems even better than our humanistic practices of writing, I examine some video artworks that show us migration as an “out of synch” experience.


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