Liaising the Microscope and Kaleidoscope

Reconsidering Perspective in Education and Psychosocial Thinking about HIV&AIDS

In: From microscope to kaleidoscope

In this chapter I submit the underpinning thesis of the book. I argue for two perspectives in HIV&AIDS-propelled inquiry and theorising to come together. I posit that interaction between analytical crises-oriented (microscopic) perspectives and integrative insight-oriented (kaleidoscopic) perspectives may make possible co-ordinated insight into psychosocial and education knowledge regarding HIV&AIDS. I structure this proposition by firstly contemplating unifying tenets of both ‘scopes’. I then juxtapose the perspectives by discussing discordance in these canons. Throughout I contend that a confluence of these perspectives may reap multiple scientifically rigorous insights regarding education, children and their caregivers, and psychosocial issues.