Authors: P.J. de Jonge (books 14-19), J. den Boeft, D. den Hengst, H.C. Teitler and J.W. Drijvers (books 20-31).
"Produced without fanfare or the support of large grants, and occupying the three original contributors long into retirement, this commentary is a model of learning and insight, and of selfless, collaborative scholarship, which will help Ammianus’ readers for centuries to come." - Gavin Kelly, in: Journal of Roman Studies vol. 108 (November 2018)

On the final volume:
"Not only does it provide instant access to a huge range of modern scholarship on these topics from across all of the major European languages, but it sometimes adds its own new insights also. One could hardly expect more of any commentary, so that it brings one of the great projects in the study of Late Antiquity to a fitting end." - David Woods, in: BMCR 2018.09.50
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