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Within international linguistics, the study of Slavic languages enjoys considerable interest. The extensive coverage of Slavic languages in the Linguistic Bibliography is evidence of this. The Bibliography of Slavic Linguistics Online brings together the details of substantial number of unique publications, carefully selected, classified, cross-referenced and indexed by professional bibliographers. All contributing bibliographers are specialized Slavists themselves. The selection includes over thirty publication languages including publications in Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Albanian, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Hebrew.
The Introduction by Marc L. Greenberg gives an overview of the state of scholarship in Slavic linguistics and the directions in which the field is headed.

Key features:
• Over 94,000 records;
• Covering all Slavic languages including minor and even extinct ones e.g. Bosnian, Pomeranian, Rusyn, High and Low Sorbian as well as Church Slavonic;
• Titles are given in their original languages, with translations provided whenever relevant;
• Titles in Cyrillic script are uniformly transcribed in Latin script according to current scientific standards.

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Everyone interested in the study of Slavic Languages and Linguistics as well as those interested general linguistics, pragmatics, semantics and typology.
René Genis, PhD 2008 University of Amsterdam, is lecturer in Slavic Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam and a permanent member of the editorial team of Linguistic Bibliography at Brill.
Sijmen Tol studied Slavic linguistics at Utrecht University and Book and Library Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. He was a permanent member of the editorial team of Linguistic Bibliography from 1986 to 2016.
Marc L. Greenberg, PhD 1990 University of California, Los Angeles, is Professor of Slavic Languages at the University of Kansas.
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