The Archives of the Church in North India: Monograph Collection

A collaboration with Yale University, the online version of The Archives of the Church in North India comprises archival and printed material from the Gujarat Diocese of the Church of North India. The archives have been divided into two sections: the archival collection, consisting of meetings, correspondence and reports, and the monograph collection of early printed monographs from mission presses. Title lists and MARC21 records are available.
The Monograph collection includes: - Monographs printed by the Irish Presbyterian Mission Press in Surat, India, consisting of 105 volumes. - Monographs printed by other mission presses in India, consisting of 58 volumes. - A selection of monographs printed outside India, mostly in London and Belfast, and identified as relevant for research purposes.
Location of originals: Gujarat United School of Theology, Ahmedabad, India.
This collection includes the online version of the sections: • Monographs Printed by the IP Mission Press in Surat, IndiaMonographs Printed by Other Mission Presses in IndiaMiscellaneous Monographs
This publication came about with support of the Kenneth Scott Latourette Fund, Yale Divinity School Library.
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