The Civil & Military Gazette Online, 1876-1963

The Civil & Military Gazette constitutes one of the most significant drivers of power in the long empire of information connecting, informing and controlling British India. This South Asian Primary Source offers the most comprehensive holding of The Civil & Military Gazette available, eighty-seven years in all, covering British rule in India from its imperial height, through the Rebellion or ‘Mutiny’ of 1857, recurring nationalist risings, imperial massacres and war to Partition and its aftermath in the independent nationhood of India and Pakistan.

Published in Simla and Lahore, The Civil & Military Gazette stands as an unrivalled media institution offering scholars of imperialism and South Asia area studies extraordinary broad perspectives from both sides of what would become the divided Raj. Like its predecessor, The Mofussilite, The Civil & Military Gazette demonstrates a strong tradition of cultivating and publishing literary talent, most notably the young Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) who, working a hectic 7-day week as a sub-editor, published his first collection of verse and his first short stories both in the Gazette and in its imprint, the Civil and Military Press following his return to Lahore from unhappy schooldays in Britain. The duration of this unparalleled source took its considerable readership on a deep daily dive into the heart of the Raj, the chaos of Partition, and into post-Partition South Asia. Presented in a mix of full colour scans and greyscale from British Library holdings, The Civil & Military Gazette is the newspaper of record for the Raj and after, an essential source for scholars of South Asia and media historians alike.
This online Primary Source has been assembled in cooperation with the British Library from the most complete holdings available. As other issues surface, they will be included at no extra cost to subscribers.

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Advisor: Professor Peter O’Connor, Musashino University, Japan
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