Ephraim Deinard (1846-1930) Online

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Location of originals: various locations, e.g. Library of the Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion

The Hebrew publications of Ephraim Deinard comprise a treasure-trove of historical and bibliographic material relating to Russian, Palestinian, and American Jewish history, Crimean and Karaite studies, anti-Hasidic polemic, modern Hebrew literature, and antiquarian Hebrew booklore. Scattered in libraries around the world, these works - some of which are excessively rare - are all made accessible in this unique collection. The Deinard collection reproduced here, drawn from one of the oldest and largest Hebrew academic libraries in the world the Library of the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion (with a few additional rarities from the Seminary, YIVO, and the private Valmadonna Trust), includes books, pamphlets, journalistic pieces, and other ephemera from his press. To these have been added the detailed biographical dissertation by S. Berkowitz and some other studies on this unique literary figure - one of the most colorful characters in the history of Hebrew scholarship in America.

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