Index Buddhicus Online

The Index Buddhicus is the first classified comprehensive bibliography of Buddhist Studies. It describes secondary material ranging from articles, papers and chapters appearing in journals, proceedings and collections, through reference works, monographs, editions and theses, to digital resources. All entries are linked to an elaborate index of both proper names and thematic, and cross referenced to related material. The Index is available as an online resource. It complements Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

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General Editor: Tansen Sen, Director of the Center for Global Asia, Professor of History, NYU Shanghai

Assistant Editors:
Yangdon Dhondup, Leiden
Matthew Hayes, Los Angeles
Daniel Wojahn, Leipzig
Ute Wallenböck, Vienna
Sung Ha Yun, Los Angeles
Shaoyu Zhang, Shanghai
All those interested in religions in South Asia, the history of Buddhism, as well as Indologists and historians of religions.
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