Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 4: The Shangoda Collections from Dagestan

MEMO-4 includes the 150 manuscripts and a small number of printed works that form the collection of Rafi’ Shamghudi (1863-1932), a famous scholar and bibliophile from Shangoda, a town in central Dagestan. The private collection was gathered by several generations of scholars from the Shamghudi family. Rafi’ Shamghudi inherited them and added further texts on his travels to Mecca, Yemen, and Egypt. When rumours of Shamghudi’s arrest reached his hometown, scholars decided to hide the library in the basement of the local Friday mosque. The library remained hidden throughout the Soviet period and was recovered only in July 2001. The collection, with texts in Arabic and Persian, includes copies from the Timurid period. All metadata is Library of Congress-compliant.

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Middle East Studies; Arabic studies; Persian studies; Islamic studies; History of the Caucasus
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