Al Abhath

Al-Abhath is a refereed journal published annually by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the American University of Beirut. The journal publishes articles and reviews in the fields of Arab and Middle Eastern studies.​The journal encourages the submission of articles written in English or Arabic dealing with Arab and Middle Eastern studies.​ Since its inception, Al-Ahbath has covered many related fields of interest: Arab and Islamic studies, sociology, numismatics, history, economic, language, psychology and astrology, concentrating on the Arab world. It appears in both Arabic and English and is a necessary and useful reference for anyone interested in and engaged in the study of any aspect of this part of the world.For more information about the journal in Arabic, please visit the Al-Abhath website.

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Editorial Board
Editors: Ramzi Baalbaki and Bilal Orfali

Associate Editors: Maher Jarrar and Lina Choueiri

Book Review Editors: Lyall Armstrong and Krill Dmitriev

Editorial Board: Tarif Khalidi, Ferial J. Ghazoul, Wadad Kadi, Alexander Knysh, Chase Robinson, Monique Bernards, Julia Bray, Beatrice Gruendler, Abdessalem Mseddi