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Editors: Stephan Wittich: Dept. of International Law, University of Vienna
and Jane A. Hofbauer: Section for International Law and International Human Rights Law, Bundeswehr University Munich
Managing Editor: Philipp Andreas Janig, Department of International Law, University of Vienna

Editorial Board: Wolfgang Benedek, Gerhard Hafner, Peter Hilpold, Gerhard Loibl, Manfred Nowak, August Reinisch, Helmut Tichy, Kirsten Schmalenbach, Christoph Schreurer, Sigmar Stadlmeier, Friedl Weiss and Karl Zemanek.
Advisory Board: Jean d'Aspremont, Ilias Bantekas, James Crawford, Thomas Desch, Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Martti Koskenniemi, Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Andrea Gattini, Hubert Isak, Yann Kerbrat, Jan Klabbers, Ursula Kriebaum, André Nollkaemper, Alain Pellet, Anne Peters, Bruno Simma, Christian Tams, Christian Tomuschat, Andreas Zimmermann.
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Austrian Review of International and European Law Online

The Austrian Review of International and European Law Online is an annual publication that provides a scholarly forum for the discussion of issues of international and European law, with emphasis on topics of special interest for Austria. Each volume contains longer analytical articles that cover theoretical as well as practical questions in all areas of international and European law, and a section dealing with current developments and emerging tendencies in the field.

Occasionally, the Review also features a documentary part that makes accessible to the interested reader selected materials not or not easily available elsewhere. An important integral element of the Review is its comprehensive digest of Austrian practice in international law, encompassing judicial decisions, executive as well as parliamentary documents relating to international law. The concluding section of the Review contains longer book reviews, shorter book notes and a selective bibliography on international investment law prepared by the library of the Peace Palace in The Hague.

The Review is also available in print.

Latest Issue

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Author: Relja Radović
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Part I: Austrian Judicial Decisions Involving Questions of International Law
Österreichische Judikatur zum Internationalen Recht
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Part II: Austrian Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice in International Law
Österreichische Diplomatische und Parlamentarische Praxis zum Internationalen Recht
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Author: Ralph Janik