Global Citizenship Identification and Religiosity

in Archive for the Psychology of Religion
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In four studies we examine the associations between religiosity, global citizenship identification, and various kinds of values (e.g., exclusionary, prosocial). Across the studies, general trends emerged showing that religiosity is unrelated to global citizenship identification, and positively related to exclusionary values (e.g., sexual prejudice, ethnocentrism, restricting outgroups). However, examination of the varied motivations to be religious (i.e., intrinsic, extrinsic, quest) showed that quest religious motivation is positively related to global citizenship identification, as well as inclusionary and prosocial values. Furthermore, quest religious motivation was found to positively influence the antecedents and outcomes of global citizenship identification.

Archive for the Psychology of Religion

Archiv für Religionspsychologie



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  • Influence of political orientation, religiosity, and motivations to be religious on antecedents, identification, and outcomes of global citizenship. * p < .01.
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