Hexaplaric Materials in Ecclesiastes and the Rôle of the Syro-Hexapla

in Aramaic Studies
AutorIn: Peter Gentry 1
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  • 1 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

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Some marginal notes in the Syro-Hexapla of Ecclesiastes,as represented by the Codex Ambrosianus, indicate that Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion are identical to the text of the Seventy in Origen's Fifth Column. Careful scrutiny reveals that these notes derive from a different manuscript than the one from which the lemma text of the Syro-Hexapla was translated. The evidence also suggests that the term oμoíως is used when identity with the lemma but not the o′ text is in view, and oμoíως τoις o′ when identity not only with the lemma but also the o′ text obtains. This results in a proposed text for α′ σ′ ϑ′ which differs from that given in Field's Origenis Hexaplorum quae supersunt.


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