Beijing International Review of Education

Official Journal of Beijing Normal University

This international journal is a subscription-based, peer reviewed, general review of educational theory, history, philosophy and related empirical sciences that aims to publish a wide range of articles in English. It has a particular focus on the contribution of education -- socially, morally and economically -- to society, culture and economy. The journal welcomes articles on significant new research as well as material of a more reflective nature. The Beijing International Review of Education aims to publish articles that are of interest not only to academics and policy makers but also teachers and members of the public. All articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review.
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Latest Articles

New Stage of Chinese-Eurasian Globalization as a Form of Regional Integration: Globalization through Regionalization
A qualitative study of international students from South-Asian countries in Chinese universities
Author: Jian Li
A systematic literature review
Author: Xiaoying Jiang