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1 The statistical data on all the mentioned treaties and conventions was provided by the International Treaties Register Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

2 Parliamentary record' 1992 No.1, Law No.I-2072 of 5 Decemberl 99 1 .

3 Yalstybes zinios' 1989 No.34-485, Law No. XI-3412 of 23 Novemberl989. 4Parliamentary record'1992No.5, Law No.1-1946 of 5 November 1991. 5 Parliamentary record'1992No.5, Law No.]-1755 of 4 September 1991. 6 Parliamentary record'1992No.5, Law No.1-1750 of 4 September 1991. 7 �/�M��'t995 No.76-1764, Law No.I-1035 of 10 September 1995. 8 Valstybës žinios' 1994 No.49-913, Law No. 1-507 of 29 June 1994. 9 Yalstybes zinios' 1996 No.110-2515, Resolution No.1299 of 8 November 1996. 10 �!/�MZMto�'1998No.lI2-3IOO,LawNo.VIH-947ofl 1 December 1998. 1 ' Valstybes zinios' 1999 No.36-1071, Resolution No.VIII-1150 of 20 April 1999. 12 Valstybes žinios' 1999 No.48-1531, Resolution No.VIlI-1200 of 25 May 1999.

13 Valstybes ainios'2000 No.5-144, Resolution No.29 of 11 January 2000. 14 Valstybes zinios'2000 No.30-827, Law No.VIII-1591 of 28 March 2000.

z5 Valstybes zinios'2000 No.56-1651, Law No.VIII-1784 of 29 June 2000, amending the Law on Refugee Status in the Republic of Lithuania. 16 The cited Criminal Code is the old one that was in force at the time of submitting this contribution. On 26 September 2000, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania adopted a new Criminal Code which will enter into force together and upon conformation with the new Code of Criminal Procedure, the Penal Code and the Code of Administrative Offences.

17 Valstybes zinios'2000 No.50-1432, Law No. VIII-1708 of 25 May 2000.

18 On 9 November 2001, an amendment of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the United Nations on Standby Arrangements has entered into force. Presently, Lithuania's contribution to the Standby Arrangements System seeks 2 military observers, 2 staff officers, 8 members of the personnel of medical evacuation sub-unit and 20 civilian police officers.

19 Signed on 10 December 1998.

20 www.undp.orgfrnissionsllithuaniallithuania.html accessed on 15 December 2001.

21 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.79-2752.

22 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.87-3034. 23 http://www3.lrs.It/cgi-biLi/preps2?Conditionl=154869&Condition2 accessed on 30 Novem- ber 2001. 24 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.93-3283, Resolution No.1281 of 31 October 2001.

25 Valstybes zinios'200\ No.82-2866, Resolution No. 147 of 21 September 2001. 26 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.58-2089, Resolution No.829 of 3 July 2001. Diplomatic relations established on 13 July 2001. 2' Valstybes zinios'2001 No.57-2042, Resolution No.789 of 27 June 2001. 28 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.l9-607, Resolution No.218 of 2 February 2001. 29 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.l4-443, Resolution No.157 of 2 February 2001. Diplomatic relations established on 27 March 2001. 3o Valstybes zinios'2001 No.73-2582, Resolution No.1015.

31 Daktaras v. Lithuania, Case No.42095/98 (2000), ECHR.

3z Jecius v. Lithuania, Case No.34578/97 (2000), ECHR.

33 Grauslys v. Lithuania , Case No.36743/97 (2000), ECHR. 3a Graužinis v. Lithuania , Case No.37975/97 (2000), ECHR.

35Valašinas v. Lithuania , Case No.44558/98 (2001 ECHR.

3s valstybes zinios'2000 No.74, Law No.V1l1-l 864 of 18 July 2000. 3� Valstybes zinios'2001 No.55-1944, Law No.IX-372. 38 The Europe Agreement establishing an Association between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Lithuania, of the other part, done at Luxembourg on 12 June 1995.

'9 Valstybes zinios'200\ No.84-2938, Resolution No. 179. ao yalstybes zinios' 1999 No.60-1948, Law No-VIII-1248 of 22 June 1999.

41 'Liability of Parents and Other Legal Representatives of the Child'. "z Valstybes zinios'2001 No.71-2523, Law No.IX-495 bf 3 August 2001. "3 Valstybes zinios'2001 No.93-3256, Law No.IX-562 of 18 October 2001.

44 Supreme Court Senate Resolution No.28, Bulletin of the Supreme Court of Lithuania 'Teismttpraktika'No.14, 2000, pp. 238, 349.

as Stukonis v. embassy oj the USA in the Republic of Lithuania, Case No.3K-1 (1998), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

46 See note 41 above. 47 J.Banevicius v. General Prosecutor's Office, Ruling of 28 February 2000, Case No.3K-3- 231 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. '8 Allenet de Ribemont v. France, Case No.15175/89 (1995), ECHR.

49 Supreme Court Resolution No.1 of 15 May 1998 'On the application of Articles 7 and 7' of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania (invalid since 1 July 2001 as the new Civil Code entered into force) and the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Provision of Information to the Public in court practice examining civil cases on the protection of honour and dignity'. Bulletin of the Supreme Court of Lithuania '7�M�p/-a�a', No.9, 1998, p. 49. 50 Handyside v. UK, Case No.5493/72 (1976), ECHR. 51 Observer & Guardian v. UK, Case No.13585/88 (1991), ECHR. sz De Haes & Gijsels v. Belgium, Case No. 9983/92 (1997), ECHR. s3 Lingens v. Austria, Case No.9815/82 (1986), ECHR.

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57 V.Podobeidas v. S Vartanov, Ruling of 11 October 2000, Case No.3K-3-985 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. s8 Joint Stock Company Akcinis inovacinis bankas' v. D.Leonas, Ruling of 21 February 2000, Case No.3K-3-201 (2000); V.Zavadskij (Kutuzov) v. L.Zavadskaja (Kutuzova), Ruling of 11 I December 2000, Case No.3K-3-1289 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. s9 P.Čyžius, S.A.Cyzius, J.Cyziute and E.Uikureliene v. Panevežys County Administration, Kupiskis District Division of Land Exploitation and FStankevičius, Ruling of 22 May 2000, Case No.3K-3-583 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

60 Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate v. 'Walter Schmelzing GmbH' on behalf of DA- Deutsche Allgemeine Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft, Ruling of 28 August 2000, Case No. 3K-3-739 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. 61 G.Gutauskiene v. R.Peneliene and Joint Stock Company Zietuvos Rytas', Ruling of 10 May 2000, Case No. 3K-3-522 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

62 A.Ivasenko v. Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate, Ruling of 26 April 2000, Case No. 3K-3-450 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. 63 Editors Note: Restitution problems had arisen in all three Baltic States after the restoration of their independence at the end of the Soviet occupation. Cf. Baltic Yearbook of Internatio- nal Law, Volume 1, 2001. 64 P.Čyžius. S.A.Cyzius, J.Cyziute and E.Uzkureliene v. Panevežys County Administration, Kupiskis District Division of Land Exploitation and FStankevičius, Ruling of 22 May 2000, Case No.3K-3-583 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

65 L.Lukaviciene v. D.Jonkiene, Ruling of 9 November 2000, Case No. 3K-7-844 (2000); A. V.Karosiene v. Lithuanian Art Museum and Vilnius City State Tax Inspectorate, Ruling of 28 March 2000, Case No.3K-7-146 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania. 66 M poderis v. Kaunas City General Police Office, Ruling of 6 March 2000, Case No.3K-3- 254 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

67' State v. A.Butkevicius, Ruling of 11 May 1999, Case No. 2K-200 (1999), Supreme Court of Lithuania. 68 State v. Petraitis, Paltanavicius, Muraska, Vaitiekunas, Ruling of 6 September 2000, Case No.2K-348 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

69Prienai Elderly People Guardianship Office v. R.Pašukevičienè. A.Pašukevičienè. R.Pašu!œvičius, Ruling of 20 December 2000, Case No.3K-3-1365 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

�° J.Kajutis v. Joint Stock Company 'Klaipedos autobusn parkas Ltd.', Ruling of 8 June 2000, Case No.3K-7-572 (2000), Supreme Court of Lithuania.

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