China and Asia

A Journal in Historical Studies

Editors-in-Chief: Xiaorong Han and Liam Kelley
Individuals are eligible for free access to China and Asia until 31 December 2019, using access token CAHS4U.

China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies (CAHS) is a peer-reviewed English-language forum for historical research on relations between China and other regions of Asia during both the pre-modern and modern periods. Its purpose is to promote communication and exchange among the global Asian studies community, especially among scholars based in Asian countries. CAHS publishes manuscripts focusing on the political, economic, social and cultural interactions between China and other parts of Asia, as well as studies covering a broader geographic area with Asia as a central part. The journal welcomes contributions representing diverse perspectives, and will give special attention to submissions from emerging scholars and scholars based in underrepresented regions. Occasionally, CAHS will publish special issues on selected topics. Colleagues who are interested in organizing and editing special issues should contact the editors directly.

China and Asia also publishes reviews of books relevant to the themes of the journal. Colleagues and scholars who want to recommend books for review or write reviews for the journal should contact our book review editors.

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