Introduction to the Special Issue: Climate Engineering Law

in Climate Law
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    Mason Inman, ‘Planning for Plan B’, Nature Reports Climate Change, 17 December 2009, <>. Note that the ‘Plan B’ framing, though widely used, is an erroneous one. Climate engineering technologies do not offer a new pathway of response to climate change that would somehow be entirely distinct from mitigation and adaptation activities. srm, in particular, would only make sense as a strategy if it were paired with efforts to reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Rather than thinking of climate engineering as some kind of Plan B, it makes far more sense to consider whether or not climate engineering technologies offer meaningful ways to augment Plan A. See Simon Nicholson, ‘Reimagining Climate Engineering: The Politics of Tinkering with the Sky’, in Paul Wapner and Hilal Elver (eds), Reimagining Climate Change (Routledge, forthcoming 2016).

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    This issue, p. 141.

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    This issue, p. 145.

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    This issue, p. 185.

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    This issue, p. 217.

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    This issue, p. 300.


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