Across the Continents: Engaging and Questioning Community

In: Comparative Sociology
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  • 1 University of Fort Hare, 24 Hill Street, East London 5200, South Africa
  • 2 Syracuse University, College of Law, po Box 6543, Syracuse, New York 13217-6543, United States of America
  • 3 University of Fort Hare, 24 Hill Street East London 5200 , South Africa

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Academics study the concept of community as a dynamic force and, increasingly, universities have become researchers, partners, and participants in community engagement. What is surprising is the lack of a definitional framework for the word “community”, and perhaps due to the use (one might say overuse) of the term in common parlance, no one questions what we mean by community.

To engage a discussion without questioning what community means would be insufficient, if not presumptuous. Our goal is to explore. Equally presumptuous would be to define the dynamic, fluid, transforming concept of community. We aim to plumb the wisdom of our colleagues, community partners, students and mentors to bring meaning to the word community in all its richness and resilience.

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