A checklist of Hyalella (Amphipoda) from Chile

in Crustaceana
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Distributional patterns in Chile of species of the freshwater amphipod genus Hyalella were analysed. The results show that H. fossamanchini and H. kochi can be found in Andean mountain inland waters between 18-27°S, H. costera in coastal inland waters between 24-40°S, H. chiloensis and H. patagonica in inland waters between 39-51°S, and finally H. simplex and H. franciscae in inland waters south of 44°S. The literature is mainly based on studies recording species in northern and southern Patagonia and the Atacama desert. Few studies on the presence of Hyalella have been carried out in central Chilean and northern and central Patagonian inland waters.

A checklist of Hyalella (Amphipoda) from Chile

in Crustaceana



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    Distribution of Hyalella species in Chile. A, H. chiloensis González & Watling, 2001; B, H. costera González & Watling 2001; C, H. curvispina Shoemaker, 1942; D, H. fossamanchini Cavalieri, 1959; E, H. franciscae González & Watling, 2001; F, H. kochi González & Watling, 2003; G, H. patagonica (Cunningham, 1871); H, H. simplex Schellenberg, 1943.

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