A revised list of all ghost shrimps (Callianassidea and Thalassinidea) (Decapoda, Pleocyemata) from the Red Sea area, with a new genus, Lepidophthalminus gen. nov. and two new species in the genera Gilvossius and Neocallichirus

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Up to the present, 31 species of the infraorders Callianassidea Dana, 1852, and Thalassinidea Latreille, 1831 have been reported from the Red Sea area, of which nine, viz., Gilvossius bouvieri (Nobili, 1904), G. gravieri (Nobili, 1905), G. maldivensis (Borradaile, 1904), Notiax amboinensis (De Man, 1888), Lepidophthalmus rosae (Nobili, 1904), Neocallichirus calmani (Nobili, 1904), N. indicus (De Man, 1905), N. vaugelasi Dworschak, 2011, and Podocallichirus madagassus (Lenz & Richters, 1881), are reviewed in this paper for further unambiguous classification and identification. As a result of this review, one new genus, Lepidophthalminus gen. nov. and two new species, Gilvossius chichijimaensis sp. nov. and Neocallichirus kenyaensis sp. nov., are here proposed.


International Journal of Crustacean Research



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Rowden & Jones (1993) show the callianassid species, Callianassa spp., Neocallichirus rathbunae, Glypturus armatus, Neotrypaea californiensis, Callianassa kraussi, and Callianassa subterranea in their study, however, the identities of the species listed in their table 1 are difficult to be confirmed.


  • Gilvossius bouvieri (Nobili, 1904). a, Anterior part of carapace with rostrum, eyestalks, and A1 and A2 peduncles on the left side; b, male larger cheliped, lateral view; c, palm and dactylus of male larger cheliped, lateral view; d, female larger cheliped. a-c, SMF 44430, male from Rabigh, Saudi Arabia; d, NHMT Cr 22732, female from Iriomote-jima, Ryukyu Islands.

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