Description of Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. (Canthocamptidae), a new harpacticoid copepod from Colombia

in Crustaceana
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A new species of harpacticoid copepod was discovered on submerged mosses of a high Andean lake in Colombia. The diagnostic characters of the male and female canthocamptid Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. are based on the chaetotaxy of legs 1 to 4, morphology of leg 5, armature of anal urosomite, size and armature of anal operculum and morphology, armature and ornamentation of caudal rami. It belongs to the group X of Lang (1948); its relationships with Elaphoidella pectinata, E. armata and E. brevifurcata are discussed. The 35 species and subspecies of Elaphoidella known in the Neotropical region are assigned to groups I, II, VII, VIII and X of Lang’s system (1948). Identification keys to Colombian Elaphoidella species are provided.


International Journal of Crustacean Research



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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Female. a, Habitus, dorsal; b, habitus, lateral; c, caudal ramus, seta V; d, caudal rami, dorsal (for Roman numbers, see text).

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Female. a, Labrum and paragnath; b, mandible; c, abdomen, ventral; d, caudal ramus, lateral.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Female (a-e, g-h), male (f; paratype NHMW 25498). a, Antennule; b, antenna; c, maxillule; d, maxilla; e, maxilliped; f, maxilliped (male); g, leg 4; h, leg 5.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Female. a, Leg 1, anterior; b, leg 2 (arrow indicates bulge on outer margin); c, leg 2, endopod (paratype NHHM 25495); d, leg 3.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Male. a, Habitus, dorsal; b, habitus, lateral; c, caudal ramus, lateral.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Male. a, Caudal rami, dorsal; b, caudal ramus, lateral (except proximal section of dorsal seta, setae not shown); c, caudal rami, ventral; d, leg 4.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Male. a, Antennula (setation not shown, except at segment I, and aesthetascs with conjoined setae of segment VIII); b, antennula of paratype NHMW 25496 (geniculations lost during slide preparation); c, d and e, antennulary segments II, III and IV; f, legs 5 and 6.

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  • Elaphoidella paramuna n. sp. Male. a, Leg 1; b, leg 1, exopod, seta inner margin; c, leg 2; d, leg 3 (arrow indicates bulge on outer margin); e, leg 3, endopod, third segment.

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