First record of Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) (Brachyura, Panopeidae) from the Black Sea

in Crustaceana
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Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) was observed in Constanţa on the Romanian Black Sea shore in 2013. Herein, this species, which was previously only reported from the western Atlantic, is recorded for the first time in European waters. Some morphological details significant for the species are described, with an emphasis on the setae of the 3rd maxilliped.

First record of Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) (Brachyura, Panopeidae) from the Black Sea

in Crustaceana



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    Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869). A-B, Male from Romania, Contantza, 2013: A, body, dorsal and ventral view; B, red spot of maxilliped 3, internal view. C-D, Specimens from the collection of Naturalis Biodiversity Center: C, male, dorsal and ventral view; D, female, dorsal and ventral view. This figure is published in colour in the online edition of this journal, which can be accessed via

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    Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) male from Romania, Constanţa, 2013. A, Frontal margin of carapace; B, maxilliped 3; C, tip of serrate seta, magnified; D, left cheliped; E, right cheliped; F, tip of pereopod 5; G, pleon; H, pleopod 1, ventral view; I, pleopod 1, dorsal view; J, pleopod 2. Scale bars in mm: A, 1; B, 1; C, 0.2; D, E, 1; F, 0.5; G, 1; H, 0.5; I, 0.5; J, 1.

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    Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) (Black Sea, Constanţa, 2009), specimens from the collection of Naturalis Biodiversity Center. A-D, Male, RMNH CRUS.D.53194; E-H, female, RMNH CRUS.D.53193. A, Left cheliped; B, tip of pereopod 5; C, pleopod 1, ventral view; D, pleon; E, right cheliped; F, left cheliped; G, tip of pereopod 5; H, pleon. Scale bars in mm: A, 1; B-D, 1; E, F, 1; G, 0.5; H, 0.5.

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