Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) (Amphipoda, Scopelocheiridae) and Lanceola clausi clausi Bovallius, 1885 (Amphipoda, Lanceolidae) associated with Poralia rufescens Vanhöffen, 1902 (Scyphozoa, Ulmaridae)

in Crustaceana
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Juvenile specimens of the scavenging amphipod Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) were recorded near the bases of the oral arms of the jellyfish Poralia rufescens Vanhöffen, 1902 in the Japan Trench. Video footage and sampling imply a high infection rate of Poralia, with one to six amphipod specimens occurring on each P. rufescens individual. The hyperiidean amphipod Lanceola clausi clausi Bovallius, 1885 was also found to infect P. rufescens.

Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) (Amphipoda, Scopelocheiridae) and Lanceola clausi clausi Bovallius, 1885 (Amphipoda, Lanceolidae) associated with Poralia rufescens Vanhöffen, 1902 (Scyphozoa, Ulmaridae)

in Crustaceana



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    A-B, Poralia rufescens Vanhöffen, 1902 (JAMSTEC No. 2020011284); C, in situ image of amphipod Lanceola clausi clausi Bovallius, 1885 on subumbrella of host Por. rufescens.

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    In situ images of amphipod Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) near orals arms of Poralia rufescens Vanhöffen, 1902 (JAMSTEC No. 2020012549).

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    Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) habitus, juvenile, 9 mm, JAMSTEC No. 048983, off east Japan Trench.

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    Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) juvenile, 9 mm, JAMSTEC No. 048983, off east Japan Trench. Scales: A2 = 0.5 mm, all others = 0.1 mm.

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    Pseudocallisoma coecum (Holmes, 1908) juvenile, 9 mm, JAMSTEC No. 048983, off east Japan Trench. Scales = 0.5 mm.


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