A new genus and species of freshwater crab (Decapoda, Pseudothelphusidae) from the Tapajós River, a southern tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil

in Crustaceana
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A new genus and species of pseudothelphusid crab of the tribe Kingsleyini Ortmann, 1897, from the Tapajós River, a southern tributary of the Amazon River basin in the state of Pará, Brazil, is described and illustrated. Michaelthelphusa tuerkayi gen. et sp. nov. is characterized by the male first gonopod possessing marginal and lateral sutures fused at the distal third of the stem and the merged portion strongly twisted towards the lateral side; an apex transversally expanded along caudal-cephalic axis, with a well-developed, but low, somewhat depressed, apical plate; apical plate with spine-like outgrowth cross overlapping the spine-like projection of the mesial process. Moreover, the relationship of the new genus and species with other pseudothelphusid genera from the Amazon basin is discussed.

A new genus and species of freshwater crab (Decapoda, Pseudothelphusidae) from the Tapajós River, a southern tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil

in Crustaceana



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    Michaelthelphusa tuerkayi gen. et sp. n., male (cw 43.0 mm, cl 26.6 mm), holotype, INPA 2186. A, habitus, dorsal view; B, habitus, ventral view; C, frontal view; D, left third maxilliped, ventral view; E, right larger chela, outer view; F, left first gonopod, caudal-mesial view; G, same, mesial-cephalic view; H, same, cephalic view; I, same, distal part, apical-mesial view; J, same, distal part, lateral-cephalic view; K, same, distal part, caudal view; L, same, distal part, lateral view; M, left second gonopod, caudal-lateral view. Abbreviations: ap, apical plate; as, field of apical spines; dl, distal lobe of the apical plate; ls, lateral suture; me, mesial process; mp, marginal process; ms, marginal suture, pl, proximal lobe of the apical plate, rl, subdistal lobe of the apical plate; so, spine-like outgrowth of apical plate. Scale bars: A-C, E = 10 mm; D = 5 mm; F-M = 1 mm.


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