Two new species of Thalamita Latreille, 1829 (Decapoda, Portunidae)

in Crustaceana
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Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n. is described from the subtidal zone of Shikoku, Japan. This species is most similar to Thalamita picta Stimpson, 1858 and T. simillima Crosnier, 2002. It also shows similarity to the group of Thalamita species with a supplementary tooth at the base of the first anterolateral tooth, thus representing an intermediate position between these two groups. Thalamita williami sp. n. is described from Brunei. It belongs to the T. crenata Rüppell, 1830 group and is most similar to T. starobogatovi Tien, 1969.

Two new species of Thalamita Latreille, 1829 (Decapoda, Portunidae)

in Crustaceana



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    Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n., holotype, male, CL 9.4 mm (SMF 37113). A, dorsal view; B, ventral view. MBR – mesobranchial ridge. Scale bars 5 mm.

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    Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n. A, holotype (SMF 37113), orbit and anterolateral margin; arrow points to a knob at the base of the 1st anterolateral tooth; B, same specimen as A, basal antennal segment; C, paratype, female ov (SMF 37114), frontal view; D, same specimen as C, thoracic sternal region and genital opening (GO). Scale bar: 2 mm (A, B), 5 mm (C, D).

  • View in gallery

    Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n., holotype (SMF 37113). A, gonopod 1, abdominal view; B, tip of gonopod 1, pleonal view; C, tip of gonopod 1, sternal view. Scale bars 1 mm.

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    Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n., female, CL 10.3 mm (SMF 37114). Photo by K. Matzuzawa.

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    Distribution of Thalamita matzuzawai sp. n. (present study), T. macropus Montgomery, 1931 (based on Montgomery, 1931; Sakai, 1976; Crosnier, 2002; Minemizu, 2002; Yang et al., 2012; present study), T. indistincta Apel & Spiridonov, 1998, T. loppenthini Apel & Spiridonov, 1998, T. macropus Montgomery, 1931 (based on Apel & Spiridonov, 1998), and T. simillima Crosnier, 2002 (based on Crosnier, 2002).

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    Thalamita williami, holotype, male, CL 15.1 mm (ZMB 12497). A, dorsal view; B, ventral view. Scale bars 10 mm.

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    Thalamita williami sp. n., holotype (ZMB 12497). A, carapace, dorsal view; B, ventral view of anterior part of cephalothorax, left side. Scale bars 5 mm.

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    Thalamita williami sp. n., holotype (ZMB 12497). A, left chela, outer view; B, right pereopod 3, ventral view; C, gonopod 1, tip, abdominal view; D, gonopod 1, abdominal view; E, male pleon (pleomeres 3-6 and telson). Scale bars 1 mm.

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    Distribution of Thalamita williami sp. n. (present study and Stephenson, 1972b), T. starobogatovi Tien, 1969 (present study), and T. spinicarpa Wee & Ng, 1995 (Wee & Ng 1995).


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