Uroptychus tuerkayi sp. nov. (Anomura, Chirostylidae), a new squat lobster from the Atlantis-Great Meteor Seamount Chain in the eastern Atlantic

in Crustaceana
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A new species of chirostylid squat lobster, Uroptychus tuerkayi sp. nov., is described based upon material collected by the French “Seamount 2” project (1993) from the Atlantis-Great Meteor Seamount Chain south of the Azores Islands, at a depth of 340-730 m. Uroptychus tuerkayi resembles U. maroccanus Türkay, 1976 from the Moroccan coast, but it can be readily distinguished by the eyes being distinctly longer instead of as long as broad (globular in U. maroccanus), the antennal article 5 with a small instead of prominent distomesial spine, the anterolateral spine of the carapace slightly smaller than or subequal to, instead of much smaller than the lateral orbital spine, the pterygostomian flap anteriorly acuminate and not strongly produced to a spine as in U. maroccanus, and in having pereopod 1 with obsolescent instead of distinct spines on the merus and carpus. This is the sixth species of Uroptychus from the eastern Atlantic. A key to the eastern Atlantic species of Uroptychus is provided.

Uroptychus tuerkayi sp. nov. (Anomura, Chirostylidae), a new squat lobster from the Atlantis-Great Meteor Seamount Chain in the eastern Atlantic

in Crustaceana



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    Uroptychus tuerkayi sp. nov., A-C, E-I, holotype, female (3.6 mm), MNHN-IU-2016-2939; D, paratype, male (3.0 mm), MNHN-IU-2016-2941. A, Carapace and anterior part of abdomen, dorsal; B, same, lateral; C, lateral part of carapace, dorsal; D, same; E, sternal plastron, with excavated sternum and basal parts of Mxp1; F, telson; G, right antennal peduncle, anterior part of pterygostomian flap included, ventral; H, Mxp3, ventral; I, same, setae omitted, lateral. Scales = 1 mm.

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    Uroptychus tuerkayi sp. nov., A, B, D-I, holotype, female (3.6 mm), MNHN-IU-2016-2939; C, paratype, male (3.0 mm), MNHN-IU-2016-2941. A, Right P1, dorsal; B, same, distal part omitted, ventral; C, left P1, dorsal; D, left P2, lateral; E, same, distal part, setae omitted, lateral; F, left P3, lateral; G, same, distal part, lateral; H, left P4, lateral; I, same, distal part, lateral. Scales = 1 mm.

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    Uroptychus maroccanus Türkay, 1976, A-C, holotype, male, SMF 6770; D, paratype, male (5.2 mm, rostrum included); E, paratype, ovigerous female (8.0 mm, rostrum included), SMF 6093. A, Eye and anterolateral part of carapace, dorsal; B, anterior part of sternal plastron; C, left antenna, proximal part omitted, ventral; D, carapace, small spines along right lateral margin omitted, dorsal; E, distal part of right P2, lateral. Scales = 1 mm.

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    Uroptychus maroccanus Türkay, 1976, male (4.0 mm), MNHN-IU-2016-532. A, Carapace and anterior part of abdomen, dorsal; B, same, lateral; C, sternal plastron; D, telson; E, left antenna, ventral; F, left Mxp3, ventral; G, right P1, dorsal; H, same, distal part omitted, ventral; I, left P2, lateral; J, left P4, lateral; K, distal part of same, lateral. Scales = 1 mm.


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