Updated checklist and distribution of the diaptomid copepods (Copepoda, Calanoida, Diaptomidae) of China

in Crustaceana
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We present an updated checklist of the Diaptomidae of China, based on a literature review and on original field data from all over China during 2012-2016. A total of 19 genera and 56 species have been recorded. Neutrodiaptomus has the highest species richness (10 species), followed by Arctodiaptomus (9 species). Only one species each of Eudiaptomus, Mixodiaptomus, Eodiaptomus, Dentodiaptomus, Dolodiaptomus, Allodiaptomus, Karstodiaptomus, Metadiaptomus and Paradiaptomus was found. The taxonomic status of 16 species was revised: one wrongly attributed genus, Argyrodiaptomus, was corrected to Sinodiaptomus. First records for China include Arctodiaptomus parvispineus and one new cave-dwelling genus, Karstodiaptomus, is added. One Latin name from Shen & Sung’s book (1979) is corrected. Remarks on nomenclature and taxonomic issues are supplemented with information on the geographical distribution of the various species within China.


International Journal of Crustacean Research



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