Refining the Reconstruction of Col. 2 of the Temple Scroll (11QTa): The Turn to Digital Mapping and Historical Syntax

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Digital technology significantly expands the resources available to scholars seeking to reconstruct ancient manuscripts and, in combination with conventional philology, contributes to a more accurate reconstruction of both the text and the line breaks of col. 2 of the Temple Scroll. The column’s fragmentary condition led Yadin and Qimron to diverge in their reconstructions of the manuscript’s line-breaks and its lacunae. The problem is most acute at 2:8–9, where the scroll’s composer expanded the base text of Exod 34 with Deut 7:25–26. By employing techniques of digital mapping in conjunction with historical syntax, this article helps reconstruct the column’s line-breaks, helps restore the lacunae, and offers a refined reconstruction of the column.

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll, 1:73–77.

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll, 2:2–3.

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    Crawford, Temple Scroll, 12. Crawford cites Yadin, who argued that Scribe B was responsible for cols. 6–66, which “reflects the medial Herodian,” while the script of Scribe A (cols. 1–5) is “of the developed Herodian mode” (Yadin, Temple Scroll, 1:18).

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll, 1:12; and Crawford, Temple Scroll, 12.

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll, 2:1.

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    Steudel, “Tempelrolle,” 6. Consistent with the study edition format, Steudel does not note or comment on the line-break adjustment.

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    Zuckerman, “Dynamics of Change in the Computer Imaging,” 13–19.

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll 2:2–3. Steudel follows Yadin here (“Tempelrolle,” 6).

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    Qimron, “מגילת המקדש,” 141. Qimron is followed by Riska (Temple Scroll, 35), and tentatively followed by Schiffman (Temple Scroll, 14).

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    Yadin, Temple Scroll, 3.


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