Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible and Theology

HerausgeberIn: Richard Snoddy
Evangelical Quarterly is an international, peer-reviewed journal which reflects and respectfully engages with the evangelical Christian faith. First published in 1929, it features articles on the Old and New Testaments, biblical and systematic theology, church history, pastoral theology, mission and apologetics, as well as reviews of books in these fields. Its contributors span the range from renowned experts to emerging scholars, and it serves both the academy and the church.
Executive Editor
Richard Snoddy, London School of Theology, UK

Deputy Editors
Philip Johnston, University of Cambridge, UK
John Nolland, Trinity College Bristol, UK

Book Reviews Editor
Ian Clary, Colorado Christian University, USA

Editorial Advisory Board
Michael F. Bird, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia
Rebekah Earnshaw, Dordt University, Sioux Center, Iowa, USA
Anthony N. S. Lane, London School of Theology, UK
Chee-Chiew Lee, Singapore Bible College, Singapore
Graham Twelftree, London School of Theology, UK
Peter Riddell, Melbourne School of Theology, Australia