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1 Jack Patton was a part-time lecturer at the Church-Mission Institute of the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. He formerly served as medical missionary in Papua New Guinea (1973- 1980) with the Church of the Nazarene.

2 See my article: "Christian ministry of healing on its way to the year 2000: an archaeology of medical missions" (Jansen 1995:295-307)

3 J.C.Hoekendijk had already introduced this triad of biblical conceptions at a missionary conference in Indonesia just after World War II (1946:92-98). I made use of his ideas in my paper read to a missionary conference of the Dutch Reformed Church Transkei Mission (June 1977) on the theme: 'Comprehensive aspects of modem medical mission work' (Jansen 1968:42).

4 Besides the minutes of the Enlarged Meeting and the Committee of the IMC Willingen, I consulted N. Goodall, (ed.), Missions under the Cross, London 1953. Van 't Hoff (1972:155- 177) mentions only that Willingen discussed the 'acts of mercy', as expressed in education and medical work and the teamwork of medical missionaries (p.172).

5 Using this term, Jongeneel was aware of the fact that the terminology borrowed from the Greek word diakonia has not acquired a warm reception in Anglo-Saxon countries. He mentions that in the Dictionary Catalog of the Missionary Research Library (1968) the word 'diakonate' is missing.

6 In this connection Ohm's definition of medical mission work needs to be considered: "die in Verbindung mit der Mission und im Sinn der Mission betatigte Sorge fur das naturliche leiblich-seelische Wohl der menschen" (Ohm 1935:59). 7 From these 68 articles reviewed, 15 had a geographical link (eight with China), eight were related to specific diseases (leprosy scored five), the ministry of healing 11, community health five and the remaining 29 articles discussed principles, methods and developments of medical missions. 8 The Occasional Bulletin from the Missionary Research Library preceding to the IBMR gave more attention to medical missions. For example it provided selected bibliographies on medical missions, in 1959 and 1964 respectively and published the preparatory papers for the Consultation on 'The healing ministry in the mission of the church' (1964).

9 I refer to the publication of a selection of Schweitzer's letters in 1987, edited by Hans Walter Baehr. He divided his oeuvre as follows: autobiographical writings: theological works; section on organ building and organ art; philosophical writings.

10 Fritz Kollbrunner is of opinion: "Schweitzer hat keine missionstheoretische Abhandlungen verfasst" (1975:289). This statement is also applicable to the field of medical missions. 11 The publication Arztliche Dienst im Umbruch der Zeit is a multi-author book of which he was editor.

12 The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society enjoyed strong support from the medical profession in Scotland. The cream of Edinburgh medicine belonged to this Society. Several professors of medicine served on the Committee. 13 L.Buecliner (1824-1899) studied in Gieszen (Germany) philosophy and later on medicine. 14 Georg Ernst Stahl (1659-1734) was professor of medicine at the university of Halle from 1694-1715. He is seen as one of the most important innovators of medicine in the time of the early Enlightenment. 15 Richter distinguished three streams in German Pietism (1928:77): Halle Pietism with Philip Jacob Spener as the spiritual father; Moravian Pietism (Hernnhuter) with count Zinzendorf as leader and Wurttemberg Pietism, whose representative Christoph M. Pfaff had academic influence in Tubingen.

16 The Missions Inquiry was conducted under a Commission of Appraisal, consisting of 15 members. Two of them fulfilled a teaching function at medical schools in the USA. I do not know if these members had missionary experience.

17 To select a few: Johannes Winkler (Rheinische Mission) made an ethnographic study on the Toba-Batak in times of health and sickness (1925). In his preface he wrote that the Batak conceptions of hygiene and the healing art lead into the world of animism and dynamism. Furthermore J.A.Verdoom's dissertation, dealing with obstetric care for the indigenous population of Dutch East Indies (Leiden 1941) opened my eyes to the anthropological dimensions of medical mission work.

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