Frontiers of Business Research in China

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Frontiers of Business Research in China (FBRC) offers a new forum for the scholarly community that focuses on business and management in China, and encourages interactions between Chinese academics and their colleagues overseas. In short, FBRC aims to become the window to the best research on business administration in China or related to China.
FBRC publishes research articles that extend, test, or build management theories with strong Chinese characteristics, and contributions to management practice within a Chinese context, which can be either in China or beyond the region, e.g., Chinese businesses operating overseas or multinational companies in China. Major areas of interest include accounting, finance, human resources, international business, marketing, organizational behavior, management information systems, operations management, and strategic management. Contributions can be based on any well-established research methodology.
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Editorial Board

Editorial Board Xiao-Ping Chen (University of Washington) Pei Huang (Fudan University) Hean Tat Keh (University of Queensland) Mingfang Li (California State University, Northridge) Hong Liu (Nanjing University) Ming-Hua Liu (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand) Mike W. Peng (University of Texas at Dallas) Xiaohui Qu (Xiamen University) Randall S. Schuler (Rutgers University) Hua Song (Renmin University of China) Qian Sun (Fudan University) Bin-Sheng Teng (George Washington Universtiy & Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) Louise Tourigny (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) Changyun Wang (Renmin University of China) Gao Wang (China-Europe International Business School) Xiaozu Wang (Fudan University) Jiang Wei (Zhejiang University) Chi-Sum Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Veronica Wong (Sussex University) Liansheng Wu (Peking University) Jason Zezhong Xiao (Cardiff University) Hua Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Kai Zhang (Renmin University of China) Dongsheng Zhou (China-Europe International Business School) Hao Zhao (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Hong Zou (City University of Hong Kong) Academic Advisory Board Michael Carney (Concordia University, Canada) Guoqing Chen (Tsinghua University, China) John Child (University of Birmingham, UK) Kathleen M. Eisenhardt (Stanford University, USA) Mary Von Gilnow (Florida International University, USA) Xinchun Li (Sun Yat-sen University, China) Claudia Bird Schoonhover (University of California, Irvine, USA) Anne S. Tsui (Arizona State University, USA) Erming Xu (Renmin University of China, China) Zhihong Yi (Renmin University of China, China)