The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

Editor-in-Chief: Jan Melissen
The Hague Journal of Diplomacy (HJD) is the world’s leading research journal for the study of diplomacy. It publishes research on the theory, practice, processes and outcomes of diplomacy in both its traditional state-based forms, as well as contemporary diplomatic expressions practiced by states and non-state entities. Each issue aims at a balance between theoretical and empirical studies and usually features one practitioner’s essay.

A central aim of the journal is to present work from a variety of intellectual traditions. Diplomatic studies is an interdisciplinary field, including contributions from international relations, history, law, sociology, economics, and philosophy. HJD is receptive to a wide array of methodologies.

Universities and think tanks form the core readership of HJD. In particular, researchers, teachers and graduate students of International Relations, together with educators and trainees for programs in Diplomatic Studies utilize the journal. Secondly, it is a journal for all those with an interest or stake in first-rate articles on all aspects of diplomacy, not least the world’s foreign ministries and diplomatic academies.

Jan Melissen and Paul Sharp are the journal's founding co-editors.

The Hague Journal of Diplomacy is published with the support of Leiden University.

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HJD Article Award and Book Prize
The Hague Journal of Diplomacy offers an Article Award and a Book Prize to recognise publications that best advance the theoretical and/or empirical study of diplomacy.
Eligible publications are selected every two years by a jury that consists of members from the HJD Editorial Board, with an adequate balance in gender, location and seniority. Winners of the Article Award or the Book Prize will receive a certificate and a cash prize.

For 2020’s Prize winning article see: Navigating Discretion: A Diplomatic Practice in Moments of Socio-political rupture. See also the interview with Judit Kuschnitzki, or listen to the podcast on this article on Brill’s #HumanitiesMatter .

The first HJD Book Prize will be conferred in 2021.
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