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Felix Wilfred (State University of Madras, India)

Associate Editors
Wesley Ariarajah (Drew University, USA)
Jose Mario Francisco (Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines)
Huang, Po-Ho (Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan)
Sebastien Peyrouse (George Washington University, USA)
Herman Teule (University of Louvain, Belgium)
Cindy Yik-yi Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Book Review Coordinator
Jude Lal Fernando (Trinity College, Ireland)
James Ponniah (State University of Madras, India)

Editorial Board
Susan Abraham, Pacific School of Religion, USA
Amy L. Allocco, Elon University, USA
Julius Bautista, Kyoto University, Japan
Bernardo E. Brown, International Christian University, Japan
Markus Büker, Misereor, Germany
Edmund Kee-Fook Chia, Australian Catholic University, Australia
Liana Chua, Brunel University London, UK
John Robert Clammer, Jindal Global University, India
Francis X. Clooney, Harvard University, USA
Corinne Dempsey, Nazareth College, USA
Nagi Edelby, University of Saint Joseph, Lebanon
Patrick Gnana, State University of Madras, India
Brian M. Howell, Wheaton College, USA
Daniel Jeyaraj, Liverpool Hope University, UK
Namsoon Kang, Texas Christian University, USA
Sebastian Kim, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA
Annie Kunnath, Jamia Millia Islamia, India
Archie C.C., Lee, Shandong University, China
Chandra Mallampalli, Westmont College, USA
Anri Morimoto, International Christian University, Japan
David Mosse, SOAS, University of London, UK
Mark R. Mullins, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Anthony O'Mahony, Heythrop College, University of London, UK
Peter C. Phan, Georgetown University, USA
John Mansford Prior, Candraditya Research Centre, Indonesia
Joel Robbins, University of Cambridge, UK
Edward Yihua Xu, Fudan University, China

Advisory Board
Kochurani Abraham, Kottayam, India
Paul Appasamy, Madras School of Economics, India
Michael Amaladoss, Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions, India
Georg Evers, Institute of Missiology, Germany
Dieter Becker, Augustana Divinity School, Germany
Agnes M. Brazal, De la Salle University Manila, The Philippines
Leonard Fernando, Vidyajyoti College of Theology, India
Marshal Fernando, Ecumenical Institute, Sri Lanka
Paul Huang, Woori Theological Institute, Korea
Albertus Bagus Laksana, Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia
Yung-Lung, Lee, Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan
Lee, Wing-on, Zhengzhou University, China
Gudrun Löwner, United Theological College, India
Shanthini Pillai, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Aloysius Pieris, Tulana Research Centre, Sri Lanka
Glenn Shive, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ataullah Siddiqui, Markfield Institute of Higher Education, UK
Jonathan Y. Tan, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Edmond Tang, University of Birmingham, UK
Joseph Verheyden, University of Louvain, Belgium
Daniel Yeung, Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong
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International Journal of Asian Christianity

The International Journal of Asian Christianity (IJAC) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarly examination of Christianity in Asia and of Asian Christian diaspora in the West and elsewhere. While other major Asian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam have received great deal of international scholarly attention, Christianity is relatively neglected as a subject of study. This journal intends to rectify this neglect by providing a multidisciplinary forum for the examination of Asian Christianity from sociological, anthropological, comparative religion, religious studies, theological, historical and similar perspectives and link such studies to emerging trends in the social sciences such as migration studies, identities, minorities, secularization, fundamentalism, development, and the political roles of religion.

In the diverse and plural contexts of Asian societies and cultures, Christianity has embedded itself in complex ways giving rise to historically particular Christian communities with their own locally and regionally prolific variants of myth, tradition and culture as well as specific engagements with altering economic and political realities. This unique journal creates a space previously unavailable to examine these dense and sophisticated linkages of religion and culture both in their rich distinctiveness as well as in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspective allowing for broader generalizations and theorizations to emerge.

The journal is open to scholars of all religious persuasions or none undertaking serious work on the historical, anthropological, educational, theological, cultural social and political aspects of Asian Christianity and its role in shaping both the past and present Asian societies. For more information see also the journal's website here.
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