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K.A.I. Nekaris, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Christophe Soligo, University College London, UK

Associate Editors
Fernanda Abra, ViaFAUNA and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, USA
Tremaine Gregory, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, USA
Birthe Linden, University of Venda, Lajuma Research Centre, South Africa
Kylie Soanes, University of Melbourne, Australia
Fernanda Zimmermann Teixeira, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Editorial Board
Katherine Amato, Northwestern University, USA
Marco Campera, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Susana Carvalho, University of Oxford, UK
Robin Crompton, University of Liverpool, UK
Alan F. Dixson, New Zealand
Giuseppe Donati, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Laura Fitton, University of York and Hull York Medical School, UK
Nina G.Jablonski, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
William L. Jungers, Stony Brook University Medical Center
Ammie Kalan, University of Victoria, Canada
Marni LaFleur, University San Diego, USA
Phyllis Lee, University of Stirling, UK
Brice Lefaux, Parc zoologique et botanique de Mulhouse, France
Stanislav Lhota, Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic
Robert D. Martin, The Field Museum, USA
Julia Nowack, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Emmanuelle Pouydebat, CNRS-MNHN, France
Luca Pozzi, University of Texas, San Antonio, USA
Todd Rae, University of Roehampton, UK
Matthew Ravosa, University of Notre Dame, USA
Anthony B. Rylands, Conservation International, USA
Colleen M. Schaffner, Adams State University, USA
Volker Sommer, University College London, UK
Jeroen Stevens, Belgium
Susannah K. Thorpe, University of Birmingham, UK
Augusto Vitale, Center for Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health, Italy
Richard Wrangham, Harvard University, USA

Folia Primatologica

International Journal of Primatology - Internationale Zeitschrift für Primatologie - Journal international de Primatologie

K.A.I. Nekaris
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Christophe Soligo
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2022 Impact Factor: 1,9
5 Year Impact Factor 1,5

Recognizing that research in human biology must be founded on a comparative knowledge of our closest relatives, this journal is the natural scientist’s ideal means of access to the best of current primate research. Folia Primatologica covers diverse fields, from molecular biology to social behavior, and features articles on, amongst others, ecology, conservation, paleontology, systematics, and functional anatomy. In-depth articles and invited reviews are contributed by the world’s leading primatologists. In addition, special issues provide peer-reviewed publications of conference proceedings and other selected topics. Folia Primatologica is one of the top-rated primatology publications and is acknowledged worldwide as a core journal for primatologists, zoologists, and anthropologists.
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