Insurgency in the Indian Northeast: Student Voices from Kolkata

in International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
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The article looks at the different facets of the on-going conflict in the Indian Northeast. After some background information, the article looks at the current political situation. There is a special focus on the voices of students. In the Indian Northeast, students have been actively involved in the insurgency and protest movements. Thus, the primary data for the purposes of this article was collected from students of Northeastern origin in the city of Kolkata. Although Kolkata is not in north-eastern India, it is seen as the gateway to the Indian Northeast and the nearest large city in the region, where people of Northeastern descent often come for their education and employment. The article also argues that out of all the Northeastern states, Manipur is currently the most troubled one. Finally, at the end of the article methods of peace building have been suggested as the way forward.


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