Commicarpus grandiflorus (A. Rich.) Standl., Nyctaginaceae – an additional native perennial for Israel and the Flora Palaestina area

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences


Commicarpus grandiflorus is recorded for the first time in Israel. The new record in the En Gedi area extends the known range of this species conspicuously northeast, with a gap of more than 300 km from the southern Sinai Peninsula to the Dead Sea. Morphology, habitat and plant community data are presented and discussed. A description of this newly recorded perennial herb is given and drawings of the plant were made from freshly collected specimens. A revised identification key for the genus Commicarpus in the Flora Palaestina area is provided. An estimation of C. grandiflorus population size in the En Gedi area is made. The plant is recommended for inclusion in the national Red List of Threatened Species.

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